I am currently a PhD student in Kohama Lab.,
International Megagauss Science Laboratory,
Institute for Solid State Physics,
University of Tokyo.
My research field is Condenced Matter Physics.


(Updated on 2019.11.01)

  1. 2019.10.31: A paper titled “Magnetocaloric effect and spin-strain coupling in the spin-nematic state of LiCuVO4” is published in the open access journal Phys. Rev. Research. [Phys. Rev. Research 1, 033065 (2019).]
  2. 2019.10.17: A new manuscript was submitted in this month. It is about the magnetization process of the breathing pyrochlore magnet CuInCr4S8. [arXiv:1910.01315]
  3. 2019.10.16: This website is opened.