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Ultra-high magnetic field (higher than 100 T) is an extreme condition that remains unexplored until recently. Many of unprecedented phenomena are expected to exist in ultra-high magnetic field region, and our group focuses on the observation/understanding of those exotic phenomena. To achieve this goal, we employ the following experimental techniques,
“1. Magneto-optical measurement technique”,
“2. Ultra-fast calorimetry with Nano-scale thin films” and
“3. Ultra-fast magnetoresistance measurement technique”.
With these techniques, we currently investigate the magnetotransport in topological insulators/superconductors and the novel magnetic phases in quantum spin systems. Our final goal is the condensed matter researches at ultra-high magnetic field region up to ~1000 T, and thus our future work will be also devoted to technical developments for ultra-high magnetic field generations as well as the improvements of measurement techniques.